How to Get Your Pan Card Online

PAN card or Permanent Account Number is mandatory for every individual as it provides you with identification for opening bank accounts, phone connections, paying income tax, getting your passport etc. Pan Card appears like blue colored laminated card with 10 digit alpha numeric code which acts as your 24/7 bodyguard who needs to stay in your wallet every time.

The card is issued by the Income Tax Department to bring identification for all financial transaction owed by each and every citizen of India. The card is an important asset and gives us a feeling of citizenship to India. The card is valid lifelong and can be used anywhere in India as it remains unaffected with the change of address. The card is applicable for buying a new vehicle or exchanging foreign currency and even used as backup in theatres. And also you can check status of UTI pan card online.

These days PAN Card is becoming very important after PM Narendra Modi’s decision of withdrawing all the 500 to 1000 notes taken on 8th November, 2016. People are seen standing in a long queue waiting to exchange or deposit their money. For the process, an ID proof and PAN Card Xerox are important. This article will help you to apply for a PAN Card so that you move along with the queue and exchange or deposit your money in the 50 day time span provided by the honorable PM.         


PAN Card can be applied through UTI OR NSDL portals and is generally obtained in 15 days under an authorized PAN card agency. The applicant will require an ID card, Address Proof and DOB Proof. The person needs to have an Election card or driving license as an ID proof, Electricity bill for address and birth certificate as DOB proof, two passport sized photographs and a small ransom that is affordable. If in case, the person has misplaced his/her PAN Card, a duplicate passport can be obtained.


  1. Search on the UTI/ NSDL Portal.
  2. Fill the 49A Form which will ask for your personal details.
  3. Submit the form after you cross check all your details.
  4. Make the payment as suggested in the portal.
  5. Get you’re the print out of the form after you get the success message.
  6. Attach your two passport photos with the filled up form and your signatures wherever required.
  7. Submit your ID proof, Address proof and DOB proof to your nearest UIT/NSDL offices.

Being a responsible citizen choose to have patience and getting your PAN Cards in 15 days rather than paying more to get it quick. Let’s support PM’s vision to make India corruption free and pan card status check online at official website. Hope this article would be valuable to our readers.          

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