Check Online EPF Balance Status

In this article we have provided a link to check your EPF balance status online. Now you need not to walk in to the registered office to check your Provident Fund balance. From anywhere around the world you can check your PF balance status without visiting regional PF office. How, let us show you in detail here. But before that let us show you the importance of PF and why it is necessary for the employee and employers.

What is EPF?

EPF rules

EPF actually is an Employee Provident Fund scheme organized by the central Govt. of India which is developed for the beneficiary of employees. It is a contribution of employee, employer and interest is accessed every year in the balance. It consist unique ID no which is given to each and every EPF holder. This is a permanent ID no works same even the employee gets transferred in the other state. Previously it was difficult for the PF holder to check their PF balance status. Now EPFO online site is open for the help of the employees to know their PF balance from anywhere around the world. You can inquire and check the EPF status online without meeting the registered EPFO office. Here we are going to provide you the complete knowledge about how to trace your EPF balance status online, please check it here under.

How to Track EPF Balance Status Online

  • Open the registered EPFO site.
  • Select the region and state from where EPF is registered.
  • In the next page write establishment code and extension code.
  • Don’t worry if you do not have extension code, leave this column blank.
  • Now you will be given the columns to enter your Name and Mobile no.
  • Submit all the necessary information and click on “I Agree”.
  • Now click on “Submit” button.

Now you are ready to check your current EPF balance on your computer screen. Govt. of India has provided this beautiful service for the EPF holders to check their PF balance status online from anywhere around the world. Also Govt. sends the annual PF status every year in the registered address. But in some cases EPF holders want to clarify their PF status, they can check it right over here, with the process mentioned here.


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